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Published on 08 Oct 2019 "High Pressure Roof Cleaning Roof cleaning can prove in many cases to be the service you need in order to bring your roof back to its original health and looks. Indeed, the simple presence of algae stains rarely means you need change the roof or roof tiles. In most of these cases the solution to your roof is a professional roof cleaning service. There are different ways of cleaning a roof and it depends on the condition of your roof, shape and materials used in its construction. If your roof has either clay, concrete tiles, slates, asbestos and metal roofing sheets, and shows the presence of moss/algae/lichen, the best way to remove them and fix your issue is with high pressure cleaning. Applying this cleaning method in a proper way, using the right angle to apply the jet of water to the slates and sheets, would allow you to quickly and efficiently get rid of the moss, dust or other impurities and leave a clean roof behind it. High pressure cleaning though is not suitable for shingles or garage flat roofs. If this is the type of roof you need cleaning, you will need a different cleaning method. Chemical Roof Cleaning If high pressure cleaning would not be a solution to cleaning your roof, this can be achieved by manually removing any excess moss and then applying the correct chemicals to the tiles. Using this method, water doesn’t need to be involved and using the right chemicals won’t damage the tiles. Scraping can be a gentle yet effective way of removing the moss of a roof and cleaning it. The moss can be scraped using a trowel, with no damage inflicted to the surface of the tile. After the scraping phase, chemicals are applied to the surface of the roof that will also prevent the moss from growing back for several years. The chemicals being used are environmentally friendly, and using the right procedure, equipment and techniques, not only will remove any moss or algae from your roof and prevent them from occurring, but it will all be safe and highly efficient."